Drain Backup Cleanup

Drain backups are an annoying hassle, can cause costly damage, and may cause gross sanitation problems from overflowing sewage. It is best to avoid these problems by having your drains cleaned regularly. If a drain backup does occur though, you can count on Roseville Plumbing Doctor to quickly fix the problem.

What Causes Drain Backups?
There are many different causes of drain backups. One of the most common culprits is clogs. Clogs can occur gradually, such as from buildup from grease or other foreign particles; or clogs can occur suddenly such as from a large foreign object getting stuck in the drain trap. Some other common causes of drain backups are:
• Flooding
• Structural damage to pipes and plumbing system
• Tree roots growing into the pipes
• Debris stuffed in manholes

The location of the drain backup can often tell us where the problem is. For example, if your main drain is backed up, then water will usually overflow from the toilet or bathtub since these are lowest drains in the house.

How We Can Help
We at Roseville Plumbing Doctor understand how much of a hassle drain backups can be. When you call, we will promptly dispatch an expert plumbing team to your home or business. We typically can offer same-day service and, for drain emergencies. We charge by the job, not by the hour, so you always know what to expect in terms of cost.

Once on site, our expert plumbers will determine the cause of the drain backup. We use tools such as snake cameras to diagnose the exact location and problem … so no guesswork is necessary. Then, depending on the problem, we might use a method such as snaking, augering, or water jetting to remove the obstruction.

Don’t let drain backups wait. Call Roseville Plumbing Doctor for expedient drain cleaning services today.