Drain Plumbing

There are many different causes of drain clogs. In bathtubs and showers, the culprit is usually hair. In kitchen sinks, grease, oil, and food residue often hardens within the drain and results in clogs. Toilets are often clogged by paper products. There are also many other unsuspecting products which can take a toll on your drain, such as bath salts, leaves, and foreign objects. No matter what the cause of your clogged drain , you can count on Roseville Plumbing Doctor to quickly solve the problem for good.

How We Treat Clogged Drains
The first thing that Roseville Plumbing Doctor does is determine the location of the clog. If the water quickly backs up in the drain, then the clog is probably located near the drain opening. If the water takes longer to back up, then the clog might be located much further down the plumbing system. Depending on the type of clog, our expert plumbers will determine which method is best for getting rid of the clog. We do not rely on dangerous toxic chemical to get rid of clogs. Rather, our plumbers use methods which safely clean your drains of obstructions. Some methods we use to clean drain clogs include:

• Snaking: a cable is spun into the drain in order to push out the obstruction
• Augering: this is similar to a snake only that it is smaller and can push even very stubborn clogs through the trap
• Water jetting: this method uses very high-pressure blasts of water to push buildup out of drains

Don’t wait until your drains are completely blocked to call us. It is best to have clogs treated right when you notice that drains are draining slowly. This will prevent the annoying hassle of backups and their associated problems, like water damage, sewage spills, and foul smells. We charge per-job, not per hour, and give free estimates so you always know what to expect in terms of costs. Call today for a free estimate.