Garbage Disposal Service

You rely on your garbage disposal to get rid of uneaten and old food. So, when your garbage disposal stops working, it can be particularly frustrating. You might try fixing your garbage disposal yourself but it is easy to damage the many small parts and wires which make up the disposal system. Rather than making the problem worse or risking injury, call Roseville Plumbing Doctor to quickly fix your garbage disposal for you.

Why Garbage Disposals Stop Working
There are many reasons why your garbage disposal might stop working. The most common reasons are:
• Circuit breaker tripped
• Faulty switch
• Stuck flywheel
• Leaks
• Clogged drain lines

For most of these causes, the Roseville Plumbing Doctor can quickly fix the problem. Sometimes,though, it makes more sense to replace your garbage disposal. Our experts will then help you choose the best garbage disposal for your needs, remove the existing garbage disposal, install the new one, and replace the plumbing trap.

We always test the garbage disposal installation to make sure it is properly working and cleanup after we are finished with the work. Our expert plumbers can also give you advice on how to keep your garbage disposal running problem-free, such as advising what food products should not be put down the disposal.

With Roseville Plumbing Doctor, garbage disposal repair and replacement services don’t have to be difficult or expensive. Call us today for a free estimate.