Leak Detection and Repair

A water leak can cause serious damage to your home such as deteriorating the foundation or causing mold growth. Leaks can also add hundreds of dollars to your water bill. If you suspect that you have a water leak, it is imperative that you take immediate actions to remedy the problem. Roseville Plumbing Doctor can locate the source of the leak and fix it so no further damage occurs.

Signs That You Have a Water Leak
The most obvious sign of a leak is that you see water dripping from a pipe or fixture. However, not all leaks are visible. Leaks can also occur in pipes which are hidden behind walls or under floors. The water from these leaks will saturate insulation, wood, drywall and other building materials. This not only causes structural damage to your home, but can also lead to health problems from the mold contamination. These are just some of the signs that you may have a water leak:

• Hear dripping water
• Wet spots on ceilings or walls
• Mold or mildew growth
• Warm spot on floor (for homes built on a slab)
• Increased gas or electric bill (depending on type of water heater)
• Puddles of water in basement
• Blistering wallpaper
• Stains on ceiling
• Musty or earthy smell

If you notice any of these signs of a water leak, you should call Roseville Plumbing Doctor immediately. If the leak is severe, then you will want to shut off your water main to prevent further damage. We will dispatch a plumber to you promptly. Whether the leak is from deteriorated pipes, sediment in your water heater, or a clog, our experts will have the tools to locate and fix the problem.

Prevent Leaks Before They Occur
Most home and business owners wait until leaks form to call a plumber. By this time, costly damage may have already occurred. Roseville Plumbing Doctor offers a Customer Care Program designed to help you avoid leaks completely. Our program includes a free yearly inspection visit. In the event of a problem, our members receive a discount on every job.

Call Roseville Plumbing Doctor today to take care of your water leaks for good.