Sewer Repair Service

Of all of the clogs which can occur in your home or business, a clogged sewer line is one of the most serious and vexing. Sewer lines are generally about 4-6 inches in diameter and are responsible for channeling waste products outside. It takes a lot to clog a sewer line but, when it happens, you will experience noxious problems like bad smells and sewage backup

Signs of a Sewer Drain Clog
If a smaller drain is clogged, you will experience slow draining or backup with that specific drain. If your sewer drain is clogged , you will experience problems with all of your drains. Since the toilet is the closest to the sewer drain, the problems will be most noticeable there. Other signs that your sewer drain may be clogged are:
• Foul smell coming from drains
• Gurgling sound from pipes after flushing toilet
• Flushing the toilet causes water to backup in the bathtub, sink, or other drain
• Running water in the sink causes air bubbles to form in the toilet

How to Fix Clogged Sewer Drains
Sewer drain clogs should never be treated with drain cleaner products. It takes a lot to clog a 6-inch wide sewer drain and these products will not be strong enough to clean the drain (in many cases, tree roots are to blame for sewer line clogs). If there isn’t a complete clog, the products will just run out into the septic system. If the sewer drain is completely clogged, then the drain cleaner will just sit on the clog. The product can crystallize and make the clog worse. Instead of trying to tackle clogged sewer drains yourself, you will need to call a professional plumber to fix the problem.

At Roseville Plumbing Doctor, we know how burdensome a clogged sewer drain can be. For emergencies services in Roseville, we will dispatch a plumber to your home or business. Our plumbers will first diagnose the problem. After confirming that a sewer drain clog is the problem, we use methods like snaking or jetting to fix the problem once and for all.

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