Water Line Installations

The water supply line is the most important part of your plumbing system because it is responsible for bringing all water into your home. However, because water lines are buried and out of sight, they are often neglected until problems occur.

Some of the signs that you may have a water line problem are:
• Low water pressure
• Increased water bill costs
• Unusual moisture in yard or near house
• Bumps in dirt in yard (from underground water)
• Mold growing on walls near water main

How Are Water Lines Repaired or Replaced?
Replacing a water line does not have to be a large job which requires excavation. The professionals at Roseville Plumbing Doctor can inspect the water line using endoscopic video cameras. If small cracks or leaks are located, we can often seal them off by applying a coating within the water line. This method requires absolutely no excavation.

If your water lines are severely damaged, such as from corrosion, then it will be necessary to replace the water line completely. Roseville Plumbing Doctor uses state-of-the-art equipment which makes it fast and easy to replace water lines. We can give you a completely new water line with trenchless pipe lining, a process which requires no excavation. This helps reduce costs and expedite the process. After replacing your water line, you will notice immediate benefits such as improved water pressure, cleaner water (especially if you had old, corroded water lines) and lower water bills.

Call Roseville Plumbing Doctor to find out how we can repair your water lines.